DBAS is a digital asset for the SPESBaS Ecosystem that connect all the WORLDs of commerce together

We Make Active


SPESDEX is a part of SPESBaS Ecosystem, it is a comprehensive financial ecosystem of its own where users can Swap, Stake, Farm, Pool, Explore, and Bridge on SPESBaS Assets, currencies, and NFT Marketplace through the Automated Market Markers (AMM) without human interferences.



Another product of the SPESBaS ecosystem is the SPurse which can be used to store, trade, buy, sell, lend, borrow, and see Accurate Prices of SPESBaS Assets (DBAS, ALTO) and cryptocurrency.



SMarketplace is part of SPESBaS ecosystem, a platform where every members of SConnect can Buy and Sell product and services with DBAS and ALTO at the lowest price in the world even up to 99.99% off on the largest web3 decentralized marketplace.


SConnect is part of SPESBaS Ecosystem which will be the first decentralized social media A Decentralized Social Media Platform that connects People, Products, and Purse together in order to share, buy, sell, vote, verify, loan, and accredit using the signature called “CONNECT Spurse.”


SPESBaS Ecosystem will also host our SMetaverse, a virtual reality world where users can interact, and experience things as they would in the real world which aims to pioneer virtual commerce innovations in the Metaverse by offering Virtual City, Virtual Retail Outlets for Brands, Virtual Commerce Marketplace, Advertising Brand and Create Payment Gateway.


AllBuyNSell is a product of SPESBaS Ecosystem, a system where everyone is a buyer and seller, can buy and sell any products and services with SPESBaS Assets (DBAS and ALTO) and also buy and sell SPESBaS Assets (DBAS and ALTO) in all world of Commerce.

Our vast array of products ...

Statement of purpose

Helping the world to have a better commerce, physically, digitally and virtually where people can trade swiftly, peacefully and economically without NEPOTISM while utilizing the power of Blockchain and the latest technologies (AR, VR, AI, 3D, 5G, Web3:0 and Cloud Computing) to deliver complete decentralized commerce

About us

How to be part of SPES BLOCKCHAIN’s future

  1. We have a Coin called DBAS which is used as a gas on our blockchain.
  2. We have a token on our blockchain called ALTO. (https://altodefi.com)
  3. You need to buy DBAS first with USDT from https://dex.spesbas.com
  4. Then you can buy ALTO with DBAS on https://dex.spesbas.com
  5. The process is very simple and only takes 2-3 mins total. Everything operates within our own blockchain, SpesBAS is the future!
  6. Main Web Link - https://spesbasecosystem.com
  7. Main TG Link - https://t.me/SpesbasEcosystem